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    The gods are a distant memory, relegated to rumor and superstition. Before they left, they put down the demon kings and quelled the titans, who had once been their faithful servants, but fought against enforced dissolution. But not all things that fade …

  • World Timeline

    This timeline began as a brief ??Microscope?? game with me and Drew. * Last of the [[Demon Kings]] is thrown down (+) * The [[Titan Wars]] (-) ** The titan, [[Setoar]] gains [[Noria]]'s trust (-) *** Does Noria truly love him? Yes, eternally (-) ** …

  • Language

    The primary spoken language in the region is derived from the codified language of the empire of Nexos. In general: * Every vowel is pronounced (no, or few, diphthongs)

  • Campaign Notes

    These are the questions from the Fantasy Hero 2nd Edition Campaign Ground Rules form. Morality: 2 (Good vs. Bad is mostly clear cut) Realism: 2 (Romantic, but not entirely so) Outlook: 3 (Mixed outlook, some things work out) Seriousness: 3 ( …

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