Campaign Notes

These are the questions from the Fantasy Hero 2nd Edition Campaign Ground Rules form.

Morality: 2 (Good vs. Bad is mostly clear cut)
Realism: 2 (Romantic, but not entirely so)
Outlook: 3 (Mixed outlook, some things work out)
Seriousness: 3 (Seriousness balanced by light-heartedness)
Continuity: 3 (Some long stories and some episodic ones)

Physical Description: A more or less Western medieval world with temperate coast, plains, forests, and mountains. The remnants of the old empire of Nexos, now mostly in balance as seven kingdoms.

Scope: The entire subcontinent that housed the old empire.

Occurrence of Magic: 3 (Magic is uncommon, but accessible by PCs) Magic is all around in the very land, but those that can harness that power and bend it to their wills are rare.

Influence of Magic: 3 (Mix of powerful and weak magic) Most users of magic are not all-powerful death machines. Those who are will drive themselves mad (which might be worse for everyone).

Sources of Magic:

Essence of the Old Gods. Before the empire, the gods presided over the land, using it for their sport and cherishing it as a sacred duty by turns. The time came for them to leave, so they dissolved their power into the earth. That essence lives on in the land itself.

Words of the Maker. There is older power than the gods—after all, they were themselves created. No one knows the nature of the maker of the gods, but that powerful being put into place words of immense power. The gods sang the words and danced to them, and the world formed around them. The Archons devised ways to invoke the words through symbols: runes, and sigils. Mortal men can use the words of the Archons if they are strong enough of spirit. Most aren’t.

Religion: Cult of the Archons. This is a secret sect of people who venerate the Archons and seek their aid.
Ancestor Worship. The common folk look to the past for answers. Specifically, their ancestors. They draw strength from the honor of their blood and seek to add to that power by living their lives well.

Campaign Notes

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